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A Food Forest is a thriving edible woodland garden, built upon the principles of permaculture which embrace and work with nature to produce an abundance of nourishing food through an ecosystem that is diverse, sustainable, and resilient. 


The Food Forest is Peterborough's only gluten-free and 100% plant based cafe; containing no meat, dairy, or eggs (Vegan). We serve fresh organic juices and smoothies at our juice- bar, gourmet salads, soup, delicious desserts, cooked and raw entrees, and whatever else comes into creation in our kitchen. We also have a beautiful selection of teas and organic fair-trade coffee on our menu as well as super-foods and supplements for sale in our cafe. 
Our goal is to provide delicious and healthy, common allergen-free foods with as much organic and local produce as possible!

About The Food Forest

Our Mission

“If people’s needs are met in compassionate and simple ways, the environment surrounding them will prosper.”

We at the Food Forest strive to provide an outlet for education, awareness, nourishment, and the practice of our four main objectives:


Human Health:

through our food we aim to nourish not only the palette but also the body. We feel a plant-based diet is the most enriching for vibrant health and reaching one’s full potential in all aspects of being.


Animal Welfare:

we believe in equality and in having compassion towards all human and non-human animals (all beings) and therefore do not use any animal products, ever, in any of our creations and space; as it is an unnecessary element to thrive. 


Environmental Mindfulness:

to love and nurture the earth by supporting organic farming principals, local farmers and fair trade whenever possible, maximizing plant-based composting, and reducing our consumption and overall waste through continuous environmental concern.



we aim to connect a community of like-minded people who wish to enrich the world by making conscious decisions that not only affect their own health but the health of the entire earth.

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